Are you worried about your pattern with substances or are you a family member concerned about your loved ones substance usage? Substance abuse is a complex disease which can impacts the individual and their loved ones. Pica & Associates can provide layers of support and effective evidence-based treatment to help overcome this disease. 

Providing individualized outpatient substance abuse treatment services such as 

* Drug and alcohol assessments 

* Individual therapy 

* Chemical screenings 

* Linkage to community support 

Average course of treatment will begin with a drug and alcohol assessment. Following the assessment treatment recommendations will be provided. Treatment may include individual sessions (frequency based on need), and support to access community resources to meet your goals. 

Our substance treatment utilizes many therapeutic interventions to provide effective treatment and success. The evidenced based interventions include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, 12-step assistance, and case management to achieve and sustain sobriety. 

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