Becoming a new mother is an exciting, but often overwhelming and an emotional time. Each journey of motherhood is different and unique, and many times new mothers can develop either the “Baby Blues” or the more severe case of Postpartum Depression (also known as PPD).

Often characterized by symptoms like avoiding friends and family, having trouble bonding with the newborn, emotional mood swings, or physical symptoms such as pain, restlessness, inability to sleep, or oversleeping, PPD can be very detrimental to the development of the mother and child’s bond and the child’s overall development if it goes untreated. 

Pica & Associates provides individual and group Postpartum Depression therapy options, and encourages new mothers to involve spouses or partners in individual therapy sessions. Group therapy options include a 10-week PPD group, Out of the Blue: A Postpartum Support Group for Women, which allows mothers to interact with peers who are experiencing the same obstacles. Our goal at Pica & Associates is to not only treat PPD symptoms, but also allow new mothers to reconnect and bond with their baby in a healthy way.

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