Our Philosophy

Our practice's philosophy focuses on the symbol of the labyrinth. At Pica & Associates, we hope to help individuals while they go through their journey in the maze of life.

The labyrinth was originally created as an image of a story by the Tohono o'odham or Papago Indians of the Central Valley in Arizona. The concept has been embraced by others and focuses on life's cycles and choices one is confronted with in life. When we choose right choices it leads us to a point of harmony even if the road taken is long and hard. This symbol is particularly used by Hopi silversmiths as a way to showcase the quality of their technique. The labyrinth encompasses the ideas of wholeness.

At Pica & Associates, we embrace wholeness as the end result of one's journey in the world. We hope to help guide you through your journey towards wholeness.


Pica & Associates is a proud member of the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce.

Our Areas of Focus